What’s better than a weekend getaway at adult summer camp? One that’s hosted by the Epic Rendezvous.

And what’s better than a weekend getaway at adult summer camp hosted by the Epic Rendezvous? Half priced tickets!

That’s right. We are excited to announce that all-inclusive tickets to the Epic Rendezvous are now $350. Everything remains the same…except for the price.

Unlimited alcohol? Yep. Catered meals? Yep. Lodging in our classic camp cabins? Yep. Non-stop activities that bring back memories of a time when life was simpler? Yep.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we are able to take $300 off tickets to the Epic Rendezvous. This camper told us that after booking a trip to the Epic Rendezvous for him and his wife, he invited many of his friends to come along for the weekend. The only problem? Many of those he spoke to just weren’t able to fit a $650 price tag in their budget. He wants anyone and everyone to experience the joy of being a kid again, to step away from adult life for a weekend and just have fun.

Thanks to our benefactor camper, the Epic Rendezvous is now more accessible than ever! This experience is designed to be for everybody from all walks of life…and now it can be. Tickets are still all-inclusive, and so is this community. We are a group of people who simply love life. And more than anything, we love to live that life to the fullest.

We feel the wind woosh through our hair as we zipline. We feel the sand between our toes as we prepare to serve in a game of volleyball. We feel the rush of adrenaline as the kickball rolls closer and closer to us. We channel our inner-Hawkeye during arrow tag and our inner-barbarian during axe throwing. We sit with Epic people, and we tell Epic stories.

We love these things. And we’re overjoyed that many more people can come and enjoy these things, thanks to one generous camper who has helped to make the Epic Rendezvous truly available to anyone and everyone.

We are Epic because we are unequivocally us. Come be Epic with us. Come be you.

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